Whether you need immediate staffing, long-term placement, short-term vacation support, or anything in between, PSN exists to target the specific needs of your organization, eliminating physician downtime.

Why Hospitals and Clinics Work With PSN

We specialize in healthcare targeting the specific needs unique to your community and promote you to use services only when needed, eliminating physician downtime. You will receive access to world-class, quality specialists previously unavailable in rural communities!

PSN oversees the programs to sustain a lasting, successful relationship – we have evolved 1 day per month programs into full-time, 5 days per week programs and require no long-term contracts. In regards to compensation, we use a formula for reimbursement based on the ‘fair market value’ established by the Medical Group Managers Association (MGMA).

Discover the PSN Difference

Our model is scalable, allowing the hospital to maintain control over the frequency of the services being provided.

Fair Market Value Assessments

PSN uses a unique compensation formula for reimbursement based on the “fair market value” established by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

Independent Contractors

PSN utilizes an independent contractor model that benefits by reducing or eliminating costly recruiting fees and eliminating the general costs associated with a full time employee.

Additional Revenue

PSN specialists allow hospitals to generate additional revenues by providing more services and creating additional revenue streams from utilization of ancillary services.

Perry County Health System has been working with PSN for 5 years and began our relationship with PSN providing difficult to find specialty physicians to offer monthly to weekly outpatient clinics. PSN has worked well with coordinating these physician services into our Rural Health Clinic System. I give PSN high recommendations and will continue to design healthcare with their support in mind.

Streamlined Solutions

PSN solutions make it easier to standardize best practices across multiple organizations.

Staff Support

PSN works with your staff and the physician to ensure the clinic is set up to maximize success. This includes assisting you with:

Clinic supply lists
Clinic procedure lists
Clinic documents
Nurse shadowing opportunities

Marketing Services

PSN values the importance of introducing and promoting new physicians within the community. We can assist you by:

Provider Promotion Templates
Meet & Greet Opportunities
Community Health Fairs
Collaboration for Community Projects

Specialty Coding

PSN can help you maximize the revenue associated with the clinic with the following services:

Specialty specific diagnoses/code numbers
Financial analysis
340B program
Reimbursement procedure setup

Creating Simplicity in a Complex System

PSN Creates
Access to a wide variety of specialties allowing you to expand the capabilities of your facility.

PSN Specializes
In health care targeting the specific needs unique to your community.

PSN Provides
Access to world class, quality specialists previously unavailable in rural communities.

PSN Oversees
The programs to sustain a lasting, successful relationship.

PSN Requires
No long term contracts.

PSN Allows
The hospital to maintain control over the services being provided.

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